This semester we will go through L.C. Evans’ “Weak Convergence Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations”. We meet every Thursday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm in WEH 7218.


Name Chapter(s) Date Topic
Sam Cohn 1 A, B, C, D 9/8, 9/15 Review, measures of concentration
Adrian Hagerty 1 E 9/23 Measures of oscillation
Kevin Ou 4 A 9/29, 10/6 Concentrated compactness: variational problems
Yue Pu 4 B1 10/13, 10/20 Concentrated compactness: critical gradient growth
Antoine Remond-Tiedrez 4 B2 10/27, 11/03 Concentrated compactness: vorticity bounds, Euler’s equations
Son Van 5 A 11/10 Compensated compactness: Direct Methods
Giovanni Gravina 5 B, C 11/17 Compensated compactness: div-curl lemma, elliptic systems